AIS is located at Rua Azevedo Neves, 1600-015 Lisboa, between Santa Maria Hospital and Sete-Rios, next to Católica University and the Marriot Hotel.
AIS is in São Domingos de Benfica parish with a population, according to the 2001 Censos, of 33.678 inhabitants, in a 4.3Km2 area. As São Domingos de Benfica has got a population density of 7787.9 inhabitants per km2, it is considered the 4th parish among the 53 of the city of Lisbon.

Associação Infante de Sagres

Rua Azevedo Neves, 1600-015 Lisboa


Mobile phone: 932 195 484

Telephone: 217 265 940



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