Here you can fill in online the AIS admission Application Form:
Online Registration Form 2018/19
Parents/Guardians of AIS pupils have access to information about their children in the portal.



Applications are only considered with the Application form completely filled in.

The applications are annually and take place in September of the year before of the admission term.



Children with Tax Number (NIF)

Should fill in the online registration



Children with no Tax Number (NIF) 

If the applicant is a child with no tax number should be downloaded the Registration Form at |Useful information | Files download and send it by email (




SEN Children

SEN (Special Educational Needs) children should fill in online the Registration File and the Development Profile Form (at |Useful information | Files download) and send it by email ( with medical, therapeutics, school and other existing reports.


A meeting will be scheduled by the AIS Administration Office after the reception of the registration form.

It will be given an answer of the existence of a place to all the registrations received.




Information and re-enrolment forms for AIS pupils are available on the portal and should be filled in until December 31ST of the previous year.