Come rain or shine, Associação Infante de Sagres never stops sailing! We possess modern and complete facilities, prepared to welcome our “sailors” and “seamen” from all conditions. The inclusion is our flag, for this reason all our common areas and classrooms were thought so that all barriers can be overcome.
Since our sailors are well equipped to all the weather conditions they can attend the playgrounds during all year.


The classrooms are pleasant and organized pedagogical areas according to the ages that attend them and according to the teaching/learning process to develop where the teacher/educator is the reference figure.

All the classrooms have well defined working areas according to the ages that are directed to and are organized in a way that allows:


  • Visual contact with the exterior through the window
  • The fixing of display wall boards


They are also characterized by having:

  • Music device
  • Cupboards to keep the material
  • Computers
  • Natural and artificial light
  • Resistant and washable floors
  • Interactive whiteboards – Cycle 1
  • A light-coloured ceiling that allows a good light reflection