Inclusive Pre-School

The AIS Pre-school welcomes children between the ages of 3 and 5 including some with SNE as long as we can give a pedagogical answer and the correct therapeutic.
Through active and differentiate methodologies, AIS seeks the children’s full development stimulating the critical spirit, autonomy and responsibility.
The building of the learning is done in an individual, fun, affective and secure way.
To implement all these characteristics we have chosen a methodology based on MSM – Modern School Movement.
It is through this experience that are tested the human values that support justice, reciprocity and solidarity in a transforming exercise of mentalities to create engaging and active citizens.
The playgrounds are used during all  year.


All classrooms are formed by heterogeneous groups aged 3, 4 and 5.

While the children with the age of 3 do their nap after lunchtime, the children of 4 and 5 are engaged in activities.


Age 4 – 1h30 in workshops related to a theme according to the curriculum guidelines:

  • Oral and written language stimulation
  • Logical-mathematical reasoning development
  • Broadening world knowledge
  • Motor skills development
  • The individual and the others identity development


Age 5 – 1h30 of preparation to Cycle 1 with specific approaches to mathematics, reading and writing areas.

This team includes kindergarten teachers, a teacher from Cycle 1 and a Special Needs Education Teacher.

In October and June it is applied to the children of the age of 5 a BAPAE (a set of skill tests to the school learning) that refers which basic skills must be worked. From this information the team develops activities in order that the children that will go to the Cycle 1 will be prepared to do a good school learning.




During the whole year, since the age of 4 months children benefit from activities carried by specialized teachers

  • Psychomotricity/ Physical Education
  • Music
  • English (at the end of the Cycle 1 of Primary School children can take the Starters exam of Cambridge University)




Parents/guardians have access to two annual reports, every six months.




AIS is a school without barriers. The institution welcomes children without or with SEN at nursery, at kindergarten and at Primary school.

  • 6 classrooms with heterogenic groups
  • 3 playgrounds, 1 of which is a covered space



AIS is opened daily from 7.45 a.m. until 7.00 p.m., from September until the month of July.

During the month of August the AIS organizes weekly holiday camps.

The activities start at 9.15 a.m.



A technical multidisciplinary, experienced and specialized team, acts in the related intervention areas:


  • Clinical psychologist
  • Educational assistants
  • Hydrotherapist
  • Kindergarten teachers
  • Nutritionist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Special education teachers
  • Specialized teachers for curricular activities
  • Specialized teachers for extracurricular activities
  • Speech therapist
  • Teachers of Cycle 1
  • Therapy with Dog



All the meals are cooked at AIS kitchen (HACCP)

  • Morning snack – 11.00
  • Lunch – 12.00
  • Afternoon snack – 16.00
  • Extra Snack – when necessary



The AIS kindergarten uniforms (school overall, summer and winter coat, sweaters, t-shirts, shorts, training suits, hat and bed sheets) are acquired at AIS.




All the extracurricular activities take place at the school facilities, except for the swimming lessons.

The extracurricular activities are:


From 3 years of age

  • Ballet – 2 days a week
  • Dance – 1 day a week
  • Futsal – 2 days a week
  • Judo – 2 days a week
  • Swimming – 2 days a week
  • Drama – 1 day a week


Extracurricular activities don’t take place during school holidays.

These extracurricular activities can be changed or enlarged.